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Startup Structuring & Funding Advisory.

One of the most pivotal parts of a startup and its success is its organizational structure. We help to create tailor-made organizational structures to help build your team and your business.
Our advisory services provide a wide range of solutions to our clients, including strategic insights, ideas, and guidance according to each of your requirements and market trends. Through this, your enterprise will be able to build credibility and attract more investors.
Our funding advisory services will provide independent valuations that will help entrepreneurs create vital roadmaps for new ventures, and develop financial and operating models & plans for effective funding.

Corporate Structuring & Financial Modelling.

Help companies undergoing a restructuring, i.e., in terms of reorganizing legal ownership or operational structure; by analyzing their tax issues and assisting them in evaluating tax-efficient restructuring options.
We also help with a wide range of financial modeling, Equity, Preference and Debt, and services like basic cashflow forecasting, strategic planning, and data analytics that allow you to explore the financial impact of major decisions and support your investment/ business plan.

Valuation Advisory Services.

Our team uses well-established and globally accepted methodologies to prepare various kinds of valuation reports for the purposes of acquisition and disposition, fundraising lending and security, financial reporting, etc.
As a provider of independent valuations, we help our clients satisfy regulatory reporting requirements, make confident investment decisions, maximize value and manage risk.

Due Diligence Services.

Our due diligence services include independent investigations into the target company's operating qualifications, operating status, financial status, the background of management staff, market risk, and management risk. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive review of the target company's compliance with respect to its normal business processes and adherence to statutory requirements w.r.t. GST, TDS, Income Tax, RoC, and RBI.

Secretarial Compliances.

Our secretarial compliance services will help to ensure 100% compliance with all applicable laws and secretarial standards according to your organization. We provide guidance in an effective way to ensure a great governance level for your enterprise.
The comprehensive compliance solutions provided by us will also improve your corporate functioning by providing greater transparency.

KPO Services.

The service focuses on knowledge or information-oriented activities by collection, interpretation, management and dispersal of knowledge in an appropriate manner, beneficial to the enterprise.
It includes complex accounting work, payroll data, financial data analytics, reporting and performance measurement, retrieval, and reporting of business analytics as required by various stakeholders, etc.

BPR Services.

Apply quality and efficient methodologies to document your process(es), analyze your current state, and provide recommendations for your business to assist with process improvement. We offer a range of consulting services ranging from a simple assessment to a complete back-office process transformation to assist you with making the best decision for your organization.
Our BPR consulting services will help you reduce costs and cycle times by focusing on process modeling and process improvement.

Audit Assurance.

Audit assurance services ensure the accuracy of financial reports and make sure they are free from material misstatement. We aim to improve the quality and transparency of information to improve both internal and external confidence in your financial statements.
We offer regular monitoring services and periodic inspections of accounts to ensure quality control and provide reasonable assurance.

Tax Compliance Services.

Our seamless and effective handling of taxation services will ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. We provide hassle-free tax return services and enhanced visibility into your tax data, filing, compliance, and other documents & records in an efficient way with adherence to rapidly changing tax laws.

Management Consultancy.

Every organization requires management consultancy services to analyze their business and enhance performance.
We conduct deep research to provide expert guidance that will aid decision-making in your organization. With our expertise, you can improve the day-to-day operations of your company by maximizing the use of your financial and human resources.

About Us

APCA LLP is a firm which upholds highest level of efficiency in client servicing, providing exceptional and comprehensive Professional services in the field of taxation, business support, audit services, company secretarial works and financial services and the like. Our Team of eminent and earnest personnel are in place to provide customised services , according to the requirements of each client. We serve by the principle of delivering value while ensuring excellence, efficacy and quality in our engagements. We cater a wide array of clientele , ranging from Individuals to Corporates from every sector, with precision and excellence in services we offer.

CA. Abhijith Preman FCA


Abhijith Preman is a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, with more than 6 years of practise in the fields of Corporate Structuring, Direct Taxes, NRI Taxation, Indirect Taxes, Corporate Advisory and Management Consultancy Services. He is one of the key personnel of APCA LLP and has been involved in internal audits of Central Government institutes as well as central statutory audits of nationalized banks and government enterprises. He is an entrepreneurial expert with experience in Financial Planning and Business Analytics. He is a regular contributor to Tax and Finance related podcasts. He has also served as the Assistant Art Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Kannur Branch of Southern India Chartered Accountants Students Association for the years 2013-14 and 2014-15 respectively. He aspires to contribute value to the society at large by creating value through his expertise.

CA. Abhijith Preman


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May 07th
 TDS Payment for April 2024. 
May 15th
 1. TDS Certificate for tax deducted u/s 194-IA, 194S, 194M, 194-1B (March, 2024).
2. Quarterly statement of TCS for Quarter ending March 31,2024. (Form 27EQ).
 May 30th
1. Quarterly TCS certificate in respect of tax collected by any
person for the quarter ending March 31st, 2024 (Form 27D).
2. Furnishing of challan cum-statement in respect of tax
deducted u/s194-IA,1941B,194M,194S (April 2024)
 May 31st
1. Quarterly statement of TDS deposited for Quarter ending March 2024. (Form 24Q/26Q/27Q).
2. Quarterly return of non-deduction of TCS by a banking company from interest on time deposit in respect of the
quarter ending March 2024.
3. Furnishing of statement u/s 285BA for FY 2023-24 (for Bank

• May 10th
1. GSTR-7 (GST-TDS).
2. GSTR-8 (GST-TCS).
May 11th
   GSTR-1 -Other than QRMP scheme. 
May 13th
1. GSTR-1 -QRMP (IFF) Scheme (Q).
2. GSTR-5 for Non-Resident Taxable Persons
(April 2024).
3. GSTR-6 for Input Service Distributors (April
• May 20th
GSTR-3B -Other than QRMP scheme (April
 • May 25th
PMT-06 (For April 2024)
Payroll &Labour Law
May 15th
1. PF Deposit [M].
2. ESI Deposit [M].

May 30th
1. LLP Annual Return - Form 1.
2. Form FC-4 - Annual return for foreign companies (branch office/ liaison office).
3. Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report (Half-yearly) - PAS-06.